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Choosing Multiples for Business Valuations

SME Valuation Multiples Capitalisation Rates Industry Multiples

Most Business Valuers will agree, the question they are asked most often is: “what are the current valuation multiples by industry?” One reason is that Accountants, Business Valuers, Finance Professionals and Entrepreneurs most often use the Capitalisation of Earnings method when valuing a business. Whilst the method is widely understood, just how to settle upon the most appropriate and relevant multiple to apply remains a mystery to many. This paper aims to shed some light on the reasons why.

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Focus on the Value of your Accounting Practice

Accounting Firms Industry Method Income Types

More than any other industry segment, Professional Services firms are now themselves the subject of a significant number of Business Valuation Reports issued. And the reason is simple. Business Owners rely on their Accountant to provide expert, objective and impartial advice to help grow their business. And this is because it’s hard to see-the-wood-for-the-trees when it comes to escaping the day-to-day of running a business. But when an Accountant can’t see the wood for the trees in relation to their own practice, who should they turn to?

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Do you need to grow your Practice?

Adding Value Advisory & Consultancy Relevance

Most Accounting firms today are seeking ways to increase their consultancy revenue whilst at the same time providing a valuable and appreciated service to their clients. One way of achieving that is by working with your client to grow the value of their business. An independently prepared business valuation compiled by experts can provide you and your client with a solid foundation for developing growth strategies for your client’s business that will ultimately benefit you both.

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