Independent Business Valuations

An independent valuation or appraisal, whether you are buying, selling or restructuring, can help keep
negotiations free of bias.

A BIZVAL valuation is always free from bias. When either party considers using their regular accountant, they risk others wondering if the valuation result is truly fair and independent.

BIZVAL is not a business broker so we avoid any perception that commissions might influence our opinion.

  • Sellers can know how much their business is really worth.
  • Buyers should consider an independent valuation an important part of their diligence.
  • Disputing parties may resolve negotiations more easily and with less fuss.

Accountants and other professionals are welcome to engage the services of BIZVAL on behalf of their clients knowing we can help to preserve their independence and integrity.

An independent business valuation compiled by a professional can help. Contact BIZVAL or order your business valuation today.

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