Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions our clients often ask us at BIZVAL before ordering a business valuation.

How long does a business valuation take?

An average valuation takes around 7 business days to complete.

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What information do I need for a business valuation?

You will need to complete our Valuation Order Form, with as much detail as you possibly can, and provide a set of financial documents.

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How can I pay for my business valuation?

Payment can be made via direct deposit (EFT) or cheque.

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How is a business valuation calculated?

Calculating the value of a business is normally achieved by using one or more of six commonly used methods. Which method is applied will depend on the health, maturity and type of business.

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Valuations of start up businesses

It is possible to attach a value to a start-up business because it is largely assessed on projections of future earnings rather than past results.

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Valuing unusual businesses

Every successful business has something that makes it different. However, all businesses have one thing in common: a set of financial statements.

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