Business Valuation Tips

Buying, selling or restructuring a business is often complex. BIZVAL’s past clients offer some tips for those new to the process of change in a business.

Most importantly, for change in any business to be managed well there are always a lot of questions to be answered and these questions need impartial and well-considered answers.

Information to obtain when buying a business

Compiling a checklist of important documents is essential. It should include some or all of the following…

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Questions to ask when buying a business

It can always be helpful for buyers to consider things from the seller’s perspective. Some questions buyers should ask might include…

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Balance sheets and business valuations

A Balance Sheet shows the Assets and Liabilities of a company or entity. It details the company’s financial position at a certain point of time. The three main parts of a balance sheet are…

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Profit and loss statements and business valuations

A Profit and Loss Statement (or P&L) shows the profit (or loss) of a company or entity over a certain period, normally 1 year. There are five common elements…

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Intellectual property and business valuations

A registered trade mark is intellectual property and a saleable asset. These “signs”, when used to distinguish goods and services from the competition, have real value…

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